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Whether you are a fanatic sports man/woman and training for a big competition, race or game, or someone who enjoys their favorite sport during the weekend, you are facing three main fundamental problems when competing.

Dehydration, which is water loss in the body at a cellular level. Adults need be hydrated at 70%. We start out as babies at 90%, as adults 70% and Dr. Carpenter mentions that at near deaths, the rate is about 45%!
Building up of metabolic acids (lactic acids and other metabolic acids) and CO2
You are Hitting “THE WALL”, the ventilatory threshold, where you are unable to continue performance at the level where your are at, because you basically maxed out your ability to take in oxygen and utilize it. You start to break down physiologically as you continue to push forward. The first few miles of a marathon are a lot easier than the last few miles because the runner has hit that wall and started to break down physiologically as they continue to push. Several studies have showed that the average marathoner has three weeks of basically compromised immune system after an event like that because they have broken themselves down that much in the process of that event. So that “WALL” is a very huge thing.
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