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Please find enclosed some frequently asked questions:

Q. Why does a white precipitate in my drinking glass back when I've been drinking Kangen ™ water eg 9.5?
A.If the machine ionizes the water, it divides the water into two parts: on the one hand acidic, and alkaline on the other hand. Oxidising on the one hand, and anti-oxidizing (reducing) on the other hand, and anti-oxidizing (reducing) on the other side. Calcium is an alkalizing mineral. In the water splitting most calcium goes to the alkalizing side. This calcium is a good source of absorbable calcium for the body. Through the ionization process, the calcium in the Kangen ™ water is concentrated and this concentrated calcium makes the water a bit foggy and precipitates as a white precipitate on the glass rim.
Q.What minerals adds the machine to the water?
A.None at all. The purpose of the machine is not to produce minerals, but to structure the respective input new water by ionization. Minerals which previously were in the water remain in the water, and which were not included in the entrance of water, are also behind not exist. Only the 2-stage filter filters out some heavy metals from the water before it flows through the machine.
Q.How often must the machine be cleaned with the eCleaner?
A.The eCleaner (not included with the SD501) is a filter cartridge, which is filled with citric acid powder. Included with the eCleaners the cartridge, as well as 24 bags are included with citric acid powder. With an average application every 2 - 3 weeks of this stock for approximately 1 year is sufficient. Then you can reorder the citric acid powder. These accessories can also get directly from Enagic ™ in Dusseldorf (Phone 0211-8302-5387). The eCleaner costs € 30.94 including VAT. plus postage from Dusseldorf.
Q.Where can I get spare parts for my machine?
A.Spare parts are ordered directly from ENAGIC always ™ in Dusseldorf (Phone 0211-8302-5387) and also delivered from there.
Q. Is there a smaller machine than the LeveLuk SD501?
A.Yes. There are still the LeveLuk DXII. It produces the exact same water places like the SD501, but has only 5 Titanium plates (instead of 7) and thus produces less water in the same period as the SD501.
Q.How much water can produce the SD501?
A.Depending on the strength of the water jet, the machine delivers approximately 2 to 4 liters of Kangen water per minute. To fill a 0.5 liter glass, so you have to 'tap' from about 7.5 to 15 seconds.
Q.How is a delivery to Switzerland handled, or what's important?
A.When a customer from Switzerland want to buy a SD501, the following sequence must be followed:
  • The customer receives from the distributor, the partially pre-filled order form.
  • The customer fills out the form completely and sign.
  • Invoice amount:
  • LeveLuk SD501: 2.780, - EURO net plus 47, - EURO transport costs / insurance
  • Payment:
  • Credit Card: The customer enters their credit card information on the order form. Enagic ™ absorbs the invoice amount on the credit card account.
  • Bank Wire Transfer: The customer pays the invoice amount in advance and obtained a written bank transfer confirmation.
  • The customer sends the order form (possibly with the bank transfer receipt) to the distributor.
  • This will also sign and send the form with the bank transfer receipt by fax to ENAGIC ™.
  • The customer gets the machine is usually delivered to the house within a week by parcel service.
  • Approx. 4 weeks after delivery, the customer receives from a Swiss customs Import invoice over 400, - CHF.
  • In Switzerland, there are obviously different power outlet types. The machine is supplied with a connection for Germany (Schukostecker-230Volt/50Hz). If necessary, a corresponding current adapter is required (hardware store, etc.) designed for operation in Switzerland, a corresponding current adapter required (hardware store, etc.).
  • For connection to a Swiss faucet it is advisable to order a 6-piece adapter set (9.50 € netto) from the accessories order form to ensure a smooth connection to the water system (by default, the 3-piece adapter set included! ).
Q. What is the address and telephone number of the manufacturer Enagic ™?
A. Enagic ™ Europe GmbH
Immermannstrasse 33
40210 Dusseldorf
Tel: 0211-936 570-00
Telephone: 0211-936 570-27
eMail: germany (at) All international ENAGIC ™
Q.Does the strength of my water jet from the Kangen ™ water?
A. The magnitude of the water jet (water pressure), affects the result, as the water in a weak water jet spends more time to flow past the electrolytic plates, and thereby a stronger ionization occurs, than in a higher water jet with a higher flow rate. For this reason and due to the different input water, the pH adjusted values ​​are only approximations and are not always met exactly.

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